The solar eclipse is a stunning celestial event where a portion of the Earth is engulfed in the shadow cast by the Moon which blocks sunlight falling on the Earth.

On June 21, 2020, Sunday the solar eclipse started a little after 9:00 AM as the sun, the moon, and the earth came in a straight row.

The solar eclipse that took place on 21st June was an annular solar eclipse, the Moon was unable to cover the entire Sun, leaving a small surface exposed which is called “Ring of fire”. However, it was a partial solar eclipse in Gujarat.

ASTRONOMICA (Astronomy club of St. Xavier’s College, Ahmedabad) organized an event named “Ravigrahan 2.0”- live streaming and sessions on solar eclipse for observing the solar eclipse on 21st June in collaboration with Universe Science Forum and Stargazing India. ASTRONOMICA used a Celestron power seeker refractor telescope of 60 mm focal length. They prepared the whole apparatus to take the projection of eclipse on a white screen which was being telecasted live on their YouTube channel. The club not only arranged the live stream of the solar eclipse but also organized PowerPoint presentations on the solar eclipse by students along with the stream. During the live stream and student presentations, a live quiz was also arranged for all the viewers. In the end, winners of the live stream were also appreciated. The team of ASTRONOMICA captured different phases of the eclipse from different cities using a DSLR camera from their home. 

This excellent event was held under the guidance of Dr. Tushar C. Pandya. 2 teams conducted this program.

  1. Coordinating team:- Mr. Jahaan Thakkar, Mr. Kishan Malaviya, Mr. Suresh Parekh, Mr.Vaibhav Trivedi, Mr. Bhavya Thacker, Mr. Mishil Patel, Mr. Yash Chauhan
  1. Volunteer team:- Ms. Riya Rathi, Mr. Mustafa Dosani, Ms. Zubiya Moriswala, Ms. Zeel Thakar, Ms.Preeti Kachhia, Mr. Akshat Sharma, Mr. Divya Kotia, Mr. Arnav Chaturvedi, Mr. Kerman Zaveri, Mr. Ashutosh Agrawal

Near about 2900+ people witnessed the event live on youtube with several comments and appreciations. The whole team of ASTRONOMICA worked day and night to make this grand event successful.

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