Gujarat Science Academy

Gujarat Science Academy (GSA) was established in 1978. It is an academy of leading scientists in Gujarat from various disciplines including education, physical and life sciences, broad spectrum of engineering sciences, environmental sciences as well as industries and technology areas. Its activities address a wide spectrum of academic and societal issues with an emphasis on the promotion and development of science. At present time the Academy has more than 257 Fellows and 13 Associate members from various disciplines. A special committee appointed by the Executive Council of the Academy carries out the selection of Fellows and Associate Members.

Gujarat Science Academy newsletter is published quarterly that includes interesting short articles and commentary on scientific and technological advancements happening across the globe. The newsletter features contributions from senior academicians, scientists from industrial sectors, early career researchers, school and college teachers and students at both graduate and undergraduate levels from different parts of Gujarat. The newsletter carries important information on career opportunities, upcoming webinars, interesting publications and workshops. Our aim is to reach pan India to showcase the diversity of research and teaching projects conducted by several schools, colleges, universities and research institutes from all over the world, and to enlighten the scientific community of our country.

Gujarat Science Academy Newsletter

The significance of science and technology is recognized not only within urban areas, but they have gained prominence in rural communities as well. The contributions of these fields have been recognized in bringing about improvements and changes in all the areas, like, education, sustainable management, agriculture, farming practices, plantations, industrialization, conservation and preservation of natural resources, etc. The knowledge and awareness of technologies, help to carry out their functions in a more manageable way and enhance efficiency and productivity. The implementation of science and technology renders an important contribution in enhancing livelihoods opportunities of rural communities. This newsletter has been well received by the scientific community of Gujarat. The newsletter aims to create awareness about science and technology developments by having popular articles, news items on STI, articles by students from all over Gujarat, information on career building for students, information on new books, book reviews, discussion on policy issues, celebration of new science/education paradigms in Gujarat, new research projects, thesis awarded, institutional appraisals, blogs and discussion forum, etc.